Chornomortsi Emblem

ChM Emblem
The Chornomortsi emblem is a crest, the background of which is divided into three fields: black, white and blue. In the middle sits a golden admiral's anchor. The entire badge encircled with a gold cord. Behind such a seemingly simple appearance, there is truly deep meaning. The emblem reminds us that our main duty is to defend our motherland - Ukraine.
The black section at the bottom symbolizes the Ukrainian Black Sea. The white middle section represents the white sails of Ukrainian naval ships. Above everything is the blue Ukrainian sky, with the constellation Orion, helping the sailors navigate their way through the dangerous waters. Ancient sailors believed that Orion is a knight with a sword who watches over all sailors and protects them from harm.
The admiral's anchor is a well-known insignia of sailors. The anchor is a symbol of hope: as it provides us with safety and stability during storms The line at the anchor is the line of our faith, which is the basis of all our works.
The golden rope all around shows the brotherhood and mutual love that binds all of us “mortsi” into one friendly and strong group. United, we are not afraid of any obstacles, and work together to realize our ideals.
The constellation Orion, the anchor and the rope are of golden color, because gold is the most noble metal. The gold paint here means the nobility of our feelings, our ideas and our work - the nobility to which we committed ourselves in our Plast Oath. Only Chornomortsi can wear the emblem on the sleeve.
The emblem of the калабанник is a crest with blue, white, and black sections. The калабанник does not yet know the brotherhood in the group, because his voyage has just begun, nor does he know where to sail, because he does not have Orion to help navigate. The emblem of the водяник is similar to that of the калабанник, but with the addition of the constellation Orion and a gold cord around the shield. The constellation of Orion should lead the водяник to the level of the Chornomorets. A водяник also appreciates the brotherhood of the group, which is why you can see the golden cord around the shield.